Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Potential Employees Prefer Benefits Over Pay

A recent survey indicates that potential employees seek a company with better benefits and fulfilling work over salary! The survey pointed to a strong connection for companies that care for the welfare of employees and financial security beyond the paycheck.

When asked what's most important to job seekers: 84% prefer a fulfilling and challenging position; 82% cited job security; 74% said an attractive benefits package; and only 66% indicated a high base salary. Potential employees felt that being offered financial protection benefits showed that an employer cares about the well being of their employees.

This survey shows the increasing need for employers who provide benefits to effectively communicate the value of those perks to employees. Annual benefit statements are an excellent means of communicating to employees that "hidden paycheck" that is, apparently, very important to them by making the connection and quantifying the benefits package.