Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Health Insurance Premiums May Push Past $10K Mark in 2012

An aging workforce, poor employee health, and costly chronic medical conditions are predicted to push health insurance premiums to more than $10,000/employee/year for large employers in 2012. Effective employee benefits communication pieces are definitely necessary in this economic environment when raises and bonuses may not be possible but health insurance premiums continue to soar.

Subsequently, the average amount of employee contributions toward their health insurance will be about $2,306.

The American work force is increasingly in poor health, with pricey chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart conditions. Employers have been utilizing a combination of increased out of pocket costs and payroll contributions and will, undoubtedly, continue to shift the cost to employees to keep their costs to a manageable level.

Many employers are adopting incentives for employees to participate in prevention and wellness plans to better manage chronic conditions. Although healthcare reform addressed many of the ills with plan designs and access to care, no provisions addressed the need to curtail the spiraling premiums.

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